Meet the SAAHJ 2018 Scholarship Winners

SAAHJ is dedicated to helping Latinos and young professionals of all backgrounds pursue their careers in journalism and other areas of the communications sector.

Every year, we help advance these endeavors by awarding tens of thousands of dollars in scholarships to deserving students at our annual scholarship gala.

Thanks to a partnership with the San Antonio Area Foundation, SAAHJ now has an online scholarship application system.

Here’s a look at the 13 students who received $34,500 in scholarships from SAAHJ this year.

A special thanks to San Antonio businessman Guillermo Nicolas, who bestowed an additional $1,000 to each scholarship recipient bringing the grand total to $47,500!

SAAHJ 2018 Scholarship Recipients

SAAHJ awarded 13 scholarships worth $34,500 at its 2018 gala. San Antonio businessman Guillermo Nicolas bestowed an additional $1,000 to each recipient bringing the grand total to $47,500!

Bethany MelendezUniversity of the Incarnate Word
Micah PalomoTexas Tech University
Ruben BetancourtTexas A&M University San Antonio
Andres MezaTexas State University
Colin SpaltenUniversity of Texas at Austin
Paulette CarreonUniversity of Texas at San Antonio
Renee MunizUniversity of the Incarnate Word
Brassant RichardsonUniversity of North Texas
Jenna CarrollTexas State University
Brianna Rodrigue-SilvaSan Antonio College
Amanda FierrosUniversity of Texas at Arlington
Jennifer GutierrezTexas State University
Kailey LopezTrinity University
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