Read SAAHJ’s open letter to Alamo Public Telecommunications Council about increasing diversity of hosts on KLRN’s “On the Record”

May 11, 2021
Stephen Dufilho
Chairman of Board, Alamo Public Telecommunications Council
501 Broadway
San Antonio, Texas 78215-1820

Re: Increasing diversity of hosts for KLRN’s “On the Record”

Dear Mr. Dufilho,

Our membership has noticed a host rotation for the “On the Record” TV program after T.J. Mayes’ departure, and we are offering a suggestion that more diverse and Hispanic candidates be considered to fill this highly visible position on KLRN. 

We applaud the inclusion of Tuesdaé Knight as a guest host because past hosts have been predominantly white men. We’d also like to see KLRN use this opportunity to showcase our wealth of local Latinx talent. San Antonio’s population is now more than 64 percent Hispanic with the majority of residents of Mexican descent.  

Here’s a short list of potential hosts that we hope you will consider in your rotation, however, we are happy to provide additional names. 

  • Gilbert Garcia, metro columnist at San Antonio Express-News
  • Joey Palacios, reporter for Texas Public Radio and former SAAHJ president
  • Elaine Ayala, metro columnist at San Antonio Express-News
  • Angélica María Casas, San Antonio-based senior video journalist with BBC News
  • Tony Quesada, editor in chief of San Antonio Business Journal


Laura Garcia
San Antonio Association of Hispanic Journalists

CC: Arthur Emerson, President and CEO of KLRN, Shari St. Clair, KLRN Director of News and Production, SAAHJ and Alamo Public Telecommunications Council board of directors

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